Taste Of The Wild Cat Food Review

Taste Of The Wild Cat Food Review

If you’ve never had the pleasure to have owned a cat before, when you finally do get a kitty, you may be inclined to pick up any old cat food in your local super market.

While that purchase may be great for your wallet, it may not be the best for your kitty’s digestive tract – especially if they have an allergy to grains. Instead of picking up a random bag of cat food, you may want to consider grain-free, Taste of the Wild Cat Food

In this review, we are going to talk a little more about the features of the Taste of the Wild Cat Food, but we are also going to give you an overview of what people who have purchased the grain free cat food had to say about how well their cats liked the food.

Then, we’re going to give you our recommendation on whether or not this cat food is something you should consider purchasing for your own feline friend!

Taste of the Wild Cat Food bag.

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About The Product

Taste of the wild is a company that makes grain free pet food. Most of their products are made with higher meat protein than other products, but that doesn’t mean they are going to be overly expensive. The company was founded in 1970 in Meta, Missouri and they strive to create food that is healthy for cats of all ages.

Notable features of the Taste of the Wild Cat Food include:

  • Grain free with sweet potatoes, trout, wood-smoked salmon, vegetables, fruits, antioxidants
  • Crude Protein   32.0%    Minimum
  • Crude Fat            16.0%    Minimum
  • Crude Fiber        3.0%      Maximum
  • Moisture             10.0%    Maximum
  • Calories: 3,741 kcal/kg (350 kcal/cup) Calculated Metabolizable Energy
  • Available in 5lb and 15lb bags

The main ingredient in this cat food is farm raised Trout, which contains a lot of moisture. The trout is 61 percent protein, 38 percent fat, and 1 percent carbohydrate. This ingredient is a great source of vitamin B6, phosphorus, selenium, niacin, and vitamin B12. It is also a great source of essential omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

The second ingredient in this food is ocean fish meal, which is a basic term that includes a variety of mixed ocean fish, like whitefish for example. This ingredient is found in many pet foods and since it is a fish meal, most of the moisture has been removed.

The next few ingredients include sweet potatoes, potatoes, and pea protein. These carbohydrates offer little by way of protein (except the pea protein, which is does help increase the overall protein count in the food, but it isn’t necessarily desirable for cats), but they are a great source of dietary fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and potassium.

What People Had To Say

When looking at what people had to say about the Taste of the Wild Cat Food, we are pleased to report that the majority of customers had nothing but great things to say about the cat food. Customers liked that this was an affordable cat food in comparison to vet recommended brands.

Pet owners report that they started to give this to their cats when they noticed the cat was losing weight for one reason or another. They report that when they started giving their cat this food, they were gaining weight, but also they had healthier coats and less fur balls.

Taste of the Wild Cat Food back of the bag.

source: chewy.com

A few other customers report that their cats are rather finicky and don’t take to change very well.

They discovered that their cats had a grain allergy and when they gave their cats this food, they took to it almost immediately. Not only that, but they saw a considerable improvement in their cats health within a short time.

There were a small handful of customers who left critical reviews of this product. These customers report that their cats did not respond well to this food at all.

One customer reported that they chose this food because the cat started to lose its fur and developed a fungus. 

Other pet owners reported that their cat would get UTIs and would start vomiting.

Some customers were concerned about the ingredients, as it seems that the ingredients had changed recently.

These customers reported the first ingredient used to be a meat product, but they go on to report that the first ingredient is now a  meat “meal.” While meat meal is still a good ingredient for your pet, this particular customer felt that they were cheated because of said change.

Our Recommendation

As a cat owner, providing the most nutritious food for our cats is one of the most important things we can do for our fur babies.

With all of the different kinds of cat food currently available on the market, it can be a little daunting trying to figure out which is going to be the best. In a sea of other grain free cat foods, we believe the Taste of the Wild Cat Food is worth your consideration.

Taste of the Wild Cat Food specifications.

source: chewy.com

With this cat food, it has a decent amount of nutrients that your feline friend needs to be healthy.  This particular cat food has 35.6 grams of protein and 17.8 percent fat, which is a little more than the guaranteed minimum amount for each. There is slightly more fiber in the food, clocking in at 3.33 percent, which isn’t too bad.

If you’re looking for a good dry cat food that isn’t going to be too expensive, then this is a good food.

We do, however, recommend that you consult with your vet before making the switch, just to make sure it isn’t going to hurt your cat in some way – some customers reported that this cat food made their cat gain weight (if they are too thin) and made their fur healthier; whereas some customers reported it made their cats would vomit from time to time or get UTIs.

Our Rating

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